SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is crucial.

I know, you are probably asking yourself, 'What is SEO and why is it important to me?', well read on.

SEO Optimization


Ever had this happen?  Someone goes to one of the search engines and types in your domain name or business name.  When the results come back the top listings are Blogs that are trashing your company by name, calling it a scam and you are either no where to be found on the first page or you are so far down they can't get pass all of the negative information about your company.

How could this happen you ask?  It is your company and you own the domain name so why are these Blogs listed before you are and why are they trashing your company's reputation.  Well believe it or not some people DO NOT like MLM and they go as far as to trash your company by name on their Blogs.  Why you ask, well their motivations can vary but most of them make lots of money by selling books they have written and sell on their website.  They also appear on TV news shows preaching why MLM is just a money making scheme and they have monetized their blog website by making money from the advertisers on their website.

In other words it is a business for them and they have become so popular and rich by providing all of the information they have filled their websites with.  They are linked to other sites like YouTube, and CNN that talk about what experts they are.  So the search engines see their website as being more relevant that yours and therefore rate them higher in the SEO rankings.  Don't believe me, just try it, go do a search for almost any popular MLM company and see what comes up first.  If the first thing you see are links that say something about a it being a Scam then that tells you that the company did not do really good SEO work on their website no matter how big they are.  If they are at the top of the first page then they have someone constantly working on their SEO, period.

So what is SEO?  it is the process of making the content of your website relevant by making the content attractive and visible to the search engines and the people doing searches through them.  If done properly your ranking should improve and push you up higher on the first page.  But there is way more to it than just that, SEO is tricky and if you don't know what you are doing you can actually hurt you SEO Rankings instead of improve them.  We can provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website to help your site rank high in the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

So as you can quickly see all that money you spend on your company website, promotion etc. goes right down the drain and kills your chances of attracting customers and recruiting distributors because these blog websites ranks higher with the search engines than yours does.

So do not take this lightly, if you do not have someone do the right initial SEO work for your website and then maintain it every month then you are in big trouble.  Good SEO is essential in today's world to insure people find you instead of your competition as well as protect you from negative reputation killing Blogs that are making money at your expense.

We can help you solve these types of problems so call us today before it is too late, (423) 876-8685.

Genesis Consulting

Genesis Consulting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Genesis Media Group, Inc. which also owns a leading Domain Name Registrar.  

Genesis Consulting provides both MLM Software & Consulting to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), Network Marketing and Direct Sales Companies through an array of Products and Services it has developed and refined over the last 36 years.  It's latest innovation is the Genesis Virtual Business Suite.  A Cloud based SaaS global Enterprise solution that is built on the DNN CMS (Content Management System) Platform.  The most widely adopted Web Content Management Platform for building websites and web applications utilizing the Microsoft ASP.Net Framework and SQL Server.