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About Genesis Consulting

· Overview

Genesis Consulting and Jerry Mattox have been servicing the MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing & Multi-Level Marketing Industry since 1981 with over 3800 installations.  We continue to enjoy steady and solid growth in the MLM Software, Network Marketing Software, Direct Sales Software & Multi-Level Marketing Software Industry.  The computer background of management and staff spans over 85 years in the Network Marketing Software and MLM Software industry.  Since we are familiar with numerous computer operating systems, we have the expertise to develop an integrated or custom installation.

Our goal is to provide the finest leading edge MLM Software technology products and services in the industry.  Click Here for the latest information on our MLM Software 'Genesis Virtual Business Suite™.

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· Executive Message

Genesis Consulting enjoys an established track-record of excellent MLM Software & Network Marketing Software service and support for its existing customers whose expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous.  Our MLM Software and MLM Solutions and our Team are second to none. 

Building on this base of MLM Software Products, Staff, and Customer Loyalty and our knowledge of the inner workings of the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales industry uniquely position us to be a leader in this industry.

From MLM start-ups to established Network Marketing companies, Genesis has the resources and experience to assist an MLM / Network Marketing company in becoming successful in almost every aspect of its business.

Genesis also works with other leading Industry Consulting Firms that specialize in offering many MLM software products and services to MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Fulfillment companies. Whether it’s MLM software to manage the business, marketing or compensation plan consulting & development, communications programs to recruit and inform distributors, or product development & procurement, we have the right solutions.

· Background

Genesis Consulting markets the products and services developed over a period of almost 30 years by Dennis Ashe and Jerry Mattox.

Genesis Consulting, specialists in the development and implementation of MLM software systems for the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Party Plan Industries. MLM aka Network Marketing is the most dynamic and most complex segment of the growing industries and is the market niche from which the Company’s products have been developed.

Genesis Consulting markets a complete MLM business operations system designed to address the unique requirements of the MLM / Network Marketing Industry called, Genesis Virtual Business Suite™ by Jerry Mattox & Dennis Ashe. Jerry is recognized as a leading authority in the design and implementation of MLM Software, Network Marketing Software and Compensation Plans.  Click Here to go to our MLM Software page for more information on this and other products we offer.

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