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Want to build a Landing page to help Market your Business? Build an amazing website in just under an hour with Website Builder. Take advantage of designs created just for your industry and then customize them to reflect your one-of-a-kind idea.


Need HELP or have a question? Call our Customer Service Dept. 24/7 365 days of the year

(480) 624-2500.

Need to promote your business?  There is also no better way than to have your own Domain Name and email account to promote your business.

A good domain name separates you from the herd and works much like a logo.  It gives you name recognition.  We can help you select a domain name that establishes your identity.  We can also help you with personalized email for you and your company.  How impressive is it to have a FREE email address from Google or Microsoft i.e.; or  NOT!  Where is your company name???  Not to mention all of the spam and Ads you have to put up with.

Who are we you ask?  We are the other guys, we're part of the Genesis Media Group, Inc. family of companies that service the MLM / Network Marketing Industry.  We don't spend any money on Super Bowl Ads or Hot Chicks so we can offer you the lowest prices in the industry.  We have been offering Great Prices and Customer Service since 2002 and have sold hundreds of thousands of domain names and services since we opened our doors for business.

What about Customer Service you ask?  Well as a matter of fact, our Customer Service is second to none, we provide 24/7 Sales & Support (480) 624-2500.  Go ahead try us and see if you don't agree.  You can even transfer you current domain name(s) to us for great deals now and in the future.  Prices to transfer your domain start at $9.99 and you get a FREE 1 year extension plus all of this for Free as well:

  • One-Page website with Hosting
  • Domain Locking
  • Total DNS Control
  • Change of Registration
  • Status Alerts
  • Auto Renew Protection

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fantastic deals & services we offer!

We want you to know is a provider of world-class products at incredible prices.  So go ahead try us today and you will become a believer too.

We also want you to know that we take great pride in providing our customers with excellent customer service.  Should you have any questions or issues, we invite you to take advantage of one of the several avenues we provide to get you the service you need.

All sales, customer and technical support services are provided 24/7 via the website, email, or by telephone (480) 624-2500.  For other Support options and "Frequently Asked Questions" Click here and go to the Help Center.

If you need help with Forwarding your Domain Name, that you purchased from GenesisDomains, to your website you can click on the link below.

CLICK HERE NOW for help to Forward your Domain Name to your website.


Need HELP or have a question? Call our Customer Service Dept. 24/7 365 days of the year

(480) 624-2500.


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